Press Progress Carrying the Torch

Press Progress

Long time readers of this blog will recognize a number of the photos and points brought up in the recent and excellent Press Progress post on April 23, 2015 concerning Tim Laidler and his repeated photobombing of official taxpayer funded events.  It is worth highlighting one of the points brought up in the article as I had previously missed it.  In addition, it hints at the contents of an upcoming post that I am currently researching (with some help from back east).

But first, I wanted to acknowledge the excellent editing work done on the video showing Jason Kenney bobbing, fidgeting, and fussing in order to get just the right shot of Mr. Laidler at the airport.  Absolutely love it.  Well, well beyond my video editing capabilities.  I still get a chuckle watching the raw footage but this was even better.  You’d think that a Cabinet Minister with a portfolio that includes two large and significant ministries would have far more important things to do than cheap partisan politicking but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Of more importance (and relevance going forward), I wanted to acknowledge that for whatever reason, that I had missed the Oct. 1, 2014 Toronto Sun article in which Tim Laidler was the only quoted commentator on proposed changes at Veterans Affairs introduced by the then Minister of Veterans Affairs, Julian Fantino.  Mr. Laidler provided an entirely positive review of the proposed changes in the article.  As noted by Press Progress, one should keep in mind that at the time of the publishing of the Sun article (and definitely not disclosed in the article), Mr. Laidler was already the declared Conservative candidate for the riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam (for 2 months) and had been endorsed by Mr. Fantino during his candidacy (5 months earlier).  This theme, (Mr. Laidler’s repeated lack of disclosure of his candidacy for the Conservatives and his refusal to disclose this fact voluntarily, and by not doing so, his not acknowledging and/or considering the potential murky ethical dilemma that that puts one in when providing a formal opinion for the official record) has come up repeatedly (as the Press Progress article points out and as pointed out on the blog here) and will be the subject of a detailed upcoming blog post as a new and troubling example of this theme has just come to light (thanks very much in advance to the veteran who brought this example to my attention).

From the review of Mr. Laidler’s Twitter feed (before he blocked me of course), it looks like Mr. Laidler is now aware of what he is getting into in running for the Conservatives.  Do a quick search of Twitter by ‪@LaidlerTim‪ to get an idea of how things went for Mr. Laidler yesterday upon the publishing of the Press Progress post.  Probably wasn’t a really great day for him.

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