A New Conservative Reality: The Conservatives and the Use of Photoshop (Badly)

PP Image
Press Progress just posted (on September 23rd) a comical post highlighting what appears to be a farcical attempt by Tim Laidler’s campaign to Photoshop Tim Laidler’s name over another Conservative candidate’s sign for promotional purposes.  Have a look here.  Below is the original context of the photo in question.   Vancitybuzz.com also subsequently posted on the same topic.  It’s all very funny until you consider this: If Mr. Laidler is willing to be part of something like this during an election campaign, what would he be capable of should he ever make it to Ottawa?  Some food for thought.


Press Progress comparison graphic.
Vancitybuzz.com comparison graphic

Some more photos from the event showing the Thind sign present.

To add

Too add 2

Too ad 3

What this incident shows is that if reality doesn’t fit and it suits you as a Conservative, just Photoshop it (badly) and make it part of the new Conservative reality.  Maybe no one will notice?  Again, if people like this are willing to do these kinds of actions as part of an election campaign (and against a candidate from their own party no less), what would they do once in Ottawa?  Why would we ever let them back into Ottawa?  We have already seen that ethics are not the Conservatives’ strong point.  Fool me thrice?

Edit: Subsequent to the publishing of the Press Progress and Vancity Buzz posts, the following statement appeared on the Vancity Buzz post:

UPDATE: A representative from Tim Laidler’s election campaign has confirmed to Vancity Buzz that a communications volunteer did in fact photoshop Laidler’s name over top of another candidate’s sign, but that “no harm or misrepresentation was intended”.

“…no misrepresentation was intended”? Really? Looks exactly like intended misrepresentation to me.

I must say that I do feel for the communications volunteer in question as that probably was not a good day for them (when the graphic came to light and the posts began to appear).  However, that said, the fact is that there is no way that that graphic like that should have left the office.  It is a failing of the campaign manager and the candidate in question to not attend to and/or review everything that leaves the office with the candidate’s name on it.  It is not a failing of the communications volunteer as I’m sure they were only trying to help.  The incident instead speaks to poor internal communications and a lack of attention to details, something that you would hope someone seeking office at the highest level would be good at. Identifying the source of the graphic as a communications volunteer also speaks to a lack of taking responsibility for the campaign by those in charge. The campaign essentially just hung the volunteer out to dry.  For the communication volunteer, that must not have felt very good.  Not cool.




4 thoughts on “A New Conservative Reality: The Conservatives and the Use of Photoshop (Badly)

    • He’s a veteran. Not sure what he is wearing at any particular time but during the Terry Fox announcement, he apparently was wearing the General Campaign Star, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and Canadian Forces’ Decoration.


      • General Campaign Star indicates active duty in a specified theatre. The minimum required to qualify is 30 days. Longer service is indicated by additional bars. As of June 2012 there were 30,114 of these issued.

        Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal was issued to 60,000 Canadians in 2012 as recognition for contributions and achievements made by Canadians to Canada. Nominations for recipients come from a range of formal government parliamentary officials to community organizations such as Veterans of Canada and Ducks Unlimited.

        The Canadian Forces Decoration is awarded an average of 2400 times a year to those who have accumulated at least 12 years service as members of either regular forces, reserves, Cadet Instructors or Canadian Rangers.


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