And They Just Keep Coming: #CPC’s Tim Laidler’s Campaign in Port Moody-Coquitlam

A couple of items recently came to my attention following the recent all-candidates meetings in the riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam this past week.  While I could have added this items to the A Campaign to Forget Post, I thought that they warranted a post on their own.

First, Conservative candidate Tim Laidler’s comments from the recent Chamber of Commerce Debate concerning his observations of marijuana usage in University made Robert Jago’s video “Conservative Candidates Share Weird Views About Marijuana”.

Robert Jago you may remember is the blogger who runs Meet the Harper Gang Website, a valuable resource for those interested in researching the quality of the Conservative candidates these days.  Mr. Jago also you may remember posted materials that lead to the dropping of two Conservative candidates.

Recently an article was published by the National Observer alleging connections between Mr. Laidler’s nomination campaign and a consultant for Kinder Morgan.  The article can be found here.  This article subsequently inspired a petition and action campaign by the group SumOfUs that can be found here.  SumofUs also initiated a radio campaign which has been the subject of objections from Mr. Laidler’s campaign.  Below is a screen shot of the top of Sum of Us page.

Sum of Us Page

In addition, Mr. Laidler’s comments from the Burquitlam debate were fact-checked resulting in this Letter to the Vancouver Sun on Oct. 14, 2015:

Letter to editor

Subsequent to the publishing of the letter to the editor in the Vancouver Sun, this table (which contained numerous factually incorrect and inflammatory comments/statements) was sent to Conservative supporters in the riding.  Where exactly does it say on the NDP platform that they are against all resource developments?  What page is that on?  Which specific vote in Parliament was regarding Evergreen line funding you may ask? etc., etc.

Table from CPC

I could go on but it is somewhat pointless at this point.  Apparently exaggerations and inaccuracies are just a routine part of the Conservative campaign strategy locally.

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